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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 27, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>pam: tonight we are tracking a store that has been pounding the bay area. this is the live picture among san francisco's embarcadero. kron4 crews are spread out all over the area. people have the umbrellas out trying to dodge the rain. jacqueline bennett has the latest on conditions. >> the rain is still coming down. here is a look at storm tracker 4. we're finally seeing a little bit of a break. let's zoom in and see what we have going.
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>>stanley: and is seeing 2/10 of an inch of rain. as we move into san ramon, a quarter of an inch of rain for quite some time. into dublin, 2/10 of an inch of rain. as we slide into the south bay we will stay virtually dried all day long. the redwood city is seeing a little bit of a heavier rain. here is a quick look at the white via picture of the storm. >>pam: dan kerman is joining us live from san francisco. >>dan: i have been out in a rain for about five hours. is cold and wet. the wind has been blowing for much of the date. we are here at the embarcadero.
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when shall wipers are moving back and forth. the roads are wet. we saw accidents on surface streets. people did not leave enough stopping space between cars. there were driving like it was not raining. right now, we have seen a steady rain all day long. in san francisco, things are starting to ease up a little bit. the rain still continues to fall at a steady pace however it is not as heavy as it had been a little bit earlier in the day. it is certainly lighter than
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it was earlier today. will out, i would recommend you stay inside. >>pam: look at the wind conditions facing drivers on the bay bridge. charles clifford drove through the toll plaza area and has more on a high wind advisory. >>charles: it has been a cold, wet, windy day. drivers are facing very slick conditions. the wind has been blowing all day out of the south. on tuesday morning the california highway patrol issued a high wind advisory
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for the bay bridge. the crosswinds could create hazardous conditions on a bridged. >>pam: the search to find a 15 year-old morgan hill girl that went missing a week and a half ago has ended for the night. so far, volunteers have not discovered any new evidence in the case. today, more than 500 people focus on 8 mi. radius hoping to find something that would lead to sierra lamar. reggie kumar is live with the latest on the investigation. >>reggie: some of the leading organizers are still here. santa clara county investigator have had no reason leads in the case.
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they are relying on the public to find the sierra. >> officials believe sierra marker been kidnapped. herself on and a purse at a clothing inside are the only pieces of evidence that authorities have a sound. they say they have treated this case like a possible reduction. after interviewing family and friends there is no indication she had a fight or argument with friends or other loved ones. they do not believe she ran away. we did speak with this
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founder of the class kits on basin who is leading the search for sierra and here is what he had to say. >> there are very few organizations that do what we do. we have been doing this for 19 years. we have probably the best in the business of leading our research efforts. people go of knowing exactly what they have to do and did not to compromise any evidence. >> mark klass says they need more volunteers. if you like to volunteer, come here beginning at 8:00
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a.m.. they will be searching the matter rain or shine. >>craig: we have a video showing searchers as they canvassed the area. searchers branched out for about 8 mi..
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haaziq madyun was walking the trail with the volunteers and reports on the tactics being used in the search for sierra lamar. >> this is where we start. >> we stay on one side and come back on the other. >>reggie: these 12 people make up the third group of volunteers to get registered as a part of the class kits foundation search team looking for the missing morgan hill team. their assignment was to cover this 3 mi. stretch along the coyote creek trail. >> we just report anything we find. we did not touch any the curious thing >> side by side, the 12 searchers form a wall as they slowly sweep through the tall leaves looking for any clues of cirrus disappearance furious each search team is equipped with a gps tracking system.
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soft costs >> there are not enough sticks handy to help researchers work through the rugged terrain. to improvise, these golf clubs instead. >>pam: here is the information you need to know if you want to help find the sierra lamar. searches will be taking place every day this week through sunday. volunteers interested in helping can show up between the hours of a.m. and 1:00 p.m.. >>pam: ahead, the man accused of killing five people in san francisco learns the charges he will face plus a kron4 investigation turns up more about his criminal history.
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>>pam: an incident near in east a school has parents on the edge. we will tell you how the school district is taking action. >>pam: the the numbers have now been picked. could you have the winning ticket? the winning lottery numbers are coming up. all
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>>pam: new developments in the san francisco mass murder case. as terisa estacio reports, the district attorney's office filed murder charges against the prime suspect.
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>> here at the hall of justice, the san francisco district attorney's office announced that they plan to charge the suspect with five counts of murder with special circumstances. there are multiple homicides that happened here at 16 powell st. in san francisco. the murders took place last friday. the d.a.'s office is still reviewing the case. there could be additional charges such as robbery and burglary. he will be arraigned on the charges wednesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m.. >> court documents revealed new violin details about the two armed robberies that he was involved in during the mid-90s. police reports show that he
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pointed the gun to the owners have as and as a clothing wholesaler saying, if he move, i will kill you. in the getaway car, police found a large decker, duct tape, rope and a machete. san francisco police say he used an edged weapon last week. he was also involved in an armed robbery of a chinese restaurant in 1996. police say that he made death threats against a witness, calling him from prison same, be careful what you do in court, i will kill you. let's served the years in prison for the robberies. >> police are investigating for robberies and one
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attempted robbery all occurring yesterday. we will focus on one crime in particular during which five teenagers were robbed while waiting for muni. police say that two suspects said they had a gun and made the teens walked to the side of a nearby building and ordered them to empty their pockets and told the victims to neil for two minutes while they ran off. heavy rain to the east bay into the delta. as we move into the overnight hours, the wind will die down into the rain will taper off.
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wind gusts are dying down in places like richmond into daly city. in livermore, 16 mi. per hour gusts. here's a look at the rate for the rest of the evening. as you head out the door tomorrow morning, mainly drive. into the afternoon, the temperatures will be former the low we saw today. here's a look at your expected highs.
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we will talk more about the snow in the sierra coming up in just a minute. >>gary: coming up later if the broadcast high time for stanford basketball. will also have a very sad story, a onetime superstore living a life is the fast lane, dennis rodman. ♪ [ camera shutters clicking ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] announcing southwest airlines nationwide sale, with flights all over the country starting at only 69 dollars one-way. hurry and book now, only at ♪
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>>pam: this sounds too good to be true. you can now get paid for watching television. a new mobile application rewards people for watching their favorite television shows. if gabe slate shows us how it works. >> the idea is simple, watch television, earn points in the redeemed lords. here is how the app works. you log in and press the check and buttons that let you can identify what you are watching. the act uses the built-in microphone in your tablet or smart phone to listen to the television show currently playing on your tv. once it identifies the show, hit the can from button and it now, your check into this television show. after the show was over, you to earn points. it is pretty simple. once you have earned enough points, redeem them for gift
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cards with popular businesses the app also work as a tv guide to tell you what shows are coming up. thought you you would get between 6900 winds for each television show a. but it is free to do in your watching television anyway. >>jaqueline: here is a live look at your ski report.
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>>pam: coming up at 830, two
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children nearly objected on a with a school. >>pam: a bay area woman was cited for three speeding tickets in one hour. we will tell you what happened next flaws, $363 million on the line of with lotto. we will tell you the numbers coming death. whatcha lookin' for hon?
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>>pam: the san francisco district attorney has charged a man with the murder of five people. their bodies were discovered on friday on. how the d.a. says the charges come with special circumstances that allow for the death penalty. today kick off a week-long search for morgan hill team sierra lamar. she was last seen on march 16th. this morning, more than 500 volunteers turned out to search. rain continues it could be area, it started early this afternoon in continues to write. when there was even a back of all the 880 in oakland. gramm >> and attempted child abduction on monday morning.
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there were 26 raiders from eldorado models will approach by a latino man near the intersection of clean road. the man asked the children to get into their car -- into his car. the school district set this according to parents. >> remind your children not to speak with strangers in cars while going to and from school. if a stranger bothers them on the way to school they should tell the administration immediately and not wait until the afternoon. >>grant: alajandra cerball spoke with parents. >>alejandra: students were very aware of of the attempted child abduction years old. parents say they are also
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nervous in a plan to use this as an opportunity to remind their children about the dangers in the community. >> they need to realize it happens everywhere. it can be anywhere. " >> the principles that the six critters did not immediately report the incident. a teacher over the girls talking. the school districts and a message to parents regarding the incident and how important it is for students to speak up. >> speak with your kids. >>grant: nearby schools for also notified. all of these schools are within a 1 mi. radius from
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eldorado models will. police are investigating the incident. >>jaqueline: rain for much of the bay area. let's take a look at closer pictures. see a francisco starting to dry out. here is what we see with rainfall totals over the past 24 hours. santa rosa by far has seen the most rain. tomorrow, spotty morning showers. dry conditions on tap for
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the afternoon but there's more rain in the extended forecast. details coming up. >>pam: the wet weather is still causing flight delays up to four hours as the bow and even some cancellations. scores of people were forced to spend the day at the congested airport. >>pam: those traveling tonight or tomorrow should contact their airlines to see if there are delays or cancellations. a gate area woman is out of jail after being caught speeding three times in one hour. we spoke with the woman to find out where she was going so fast.
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>> i got a phone call that she had fallen on her back need. >> this woman was worried about her 79 year-old mother. she raced from hayward to get to paradise. >> i was concentrating on my mother being heard. >> she was pulled over three times, and an hour for speeding. sachs the chp says for speeds exceeded the first to tickets over 100 mi. an hour. the third time she is going 76 on a 55. >> i have been doing this for over 27 years. this is the first time i have heard of someone in three separate incidents is in a short time frame. >> are you looking down to see how fast you were going? >> honestly, i was looking at the road watching where i was going. >> officers say she was not being careful at all added during the third stop she was arrested for reckless
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driving in resisting arrest. >> based on the circumstances it was clean disregard for public safety. >> she admits she was speeding it does not think she's going as fast as officer's alleged. >> de think the officers are lying? >> yes. >> she understands why some drivers feel her actions or reckless but she stands behind actions, even if some believer reason for doing it was just an excuse. >>pam: she bailed out of jail on sunday and has already paid $4 to get her car back. she's not sure how many thousands of dollars in fines she will still have to fade. >>pam: the mega millions jackpot has reached more than three batters 63 million. here's a look at the winning
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numbers. at cavanagh liquors in san lorenzo, five winning tickets have been sold over the past years. earth >> line is ridiculous. i have never seen anything like this. >> i does one a little piece of the pie. . >> i would buy a house, help my family and pay off some bills. >> in as the kitchen. >> it is a lot of money. >> i live in san francisco but it came over here because i heard this place is a winner. think of
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>>pam: kiberlee sakamoto has a look at photographs which will soon be banned. >>kimberlee: the popularity of this web-site has blown up in recent months. it is a virtual in board. it remembers images, videos and other objects. in an effort to fight an alarming trend of users creating finn boards, the website is a banning fans that explicitly encourage
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self arm or abuse. here's a look at some of the image is posted. photos of super skinny women with bony protruding rams -- read both alongside messages that say must be skinny for summer and nothing tastes as good as skinny fields. all too often encourages destructive habits in eating disorders. according to the national eating disorders association, the pro anorexic immunity is attracted to this web-site because it is highly visual and interactive. the banning of this content goes into effect starting on april 6th. >>pam: the oakland a's open their major league season in less than 7 hours, give gary radnich has a preview ahead. gary has the story and sports coming mx.
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>>stanley: i never expected to see so many sick people buy just visiting a bart station. in this case it is the el cerrito bart. >> this is for later on use.
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>>stanley: his morning pick me up seemed to be it may opt for more than just one person. the entire area have a strong odor of week. >> this is the first time i ever came out and i smelled we'd go into the whole area. >>stanley: he is not the only ones of medicating in public at this station. >> i keep this in my wallet for a rainy day in a really needed it today. >>stanley: there is a bit of misinformation about medical marijuana. >> you can smoke anywhere in california.
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people are more open-minded around here. >>stanley: having in medical marijuana card does not give you the right to smoke weed in public. believe it or not it is still illegal. it does allow you to use it at home. this rule applies to most of the bay area in the yes, even if you regularly smokes. >>jaqueline: earlier in the broadcast we told you about flight delays around the bay area. the only airport with delays right now is at sfo. oakland and san jose are all running on time. softwindows into the afternoon the rain was really intense. now, it is starting to die down a little bit.
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the snow will continue into tomorrow. here's a look at the lane are expecting for the rest of the week. through the overnight hours the rain will taper off. into the 6:00 hour, a couple of lingering showers over the diablo range. after 11:00 a.m. tomorrow we should be in the clear. in the tahoe region, snow will continue into the
8:47 pm
higher elevations. it will go even longer than that into tomorrow morning pdf and the snow will keep flying into the afternoon. a foot or more snow in the higher elevations. here's a look at your forecast for the sierra. temperatures will continue to warm. by the end of the week, dry conditions. there is a slight chance of rain showers into friday night. the rain, the wind and cold.
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>>gary: magic johnson is one of the new owners of the los angeles lakers. the story just broke tonight. he is part of a group that acquired the dodgers for $2 billion. that is a record purchase for a north american sports franchise. the johnson group beat out steve: who is a partner with the mets and rams and colorado avalanche owner. this of course is subject to approval from the federal bigger seaboard. when they go after a free agent in come in to meet and introduce you to larry baer,
8:49 pm
magic johnson and this is a guy who is mr. los angeles. he has overcome many things. he is by all accounts a great guy. the bottom line, this is a very bad night for the giants. free agents want to go to miami, new york, with magic johnson the dodgers go from bankrupt to may be the no. 1 sports franchise in america as far as excitement and all of that.
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there have been a lot of stories out there recently about how 20 years ago, the anniversary of when he announced he had hiv and people thought he was going to die, he is an inspiration. the stanford men are still cooking.
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third thing >>gary: the same for women are going for the big trophy. amid team has won 32 straight and they're going to play baylor. my mother is a big woman's basketball fan. my knees played college basketball. speaking of mothers, >> we're thrilled to be going to denver. at a lot of pressure on me. my mother bought her tickets three months ago. cloths path different has to
8:52 pm
of this cut 10 women's players in the country. thick >>gary: sean peyton from the saints spoke for the first time after being suspended
8:53 pm
for a year. >> it is a range of emotions, you are disappointed, disappointed in yourself that it got to this point. i find myself reflecting on that. it is just a lot of a motion. >>gary: when you encourage people to go out and do you legal hits for the betterment of your team, a one-year suspension and $75 million fine. we will be back with another sad story, dennis rodman.
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>>gary: once upon a time this guy was the king of the nba rebounders and a colorful performer on the court and off. he owes 900,000 in spousal and child support pif $350,000 in back taxes. all of the guys who hung around with him that he bought drinks for and women he paid for and all of these guys, if they came through and give them $1,000 he could get out of it.
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remember, he probably pay off loans for people and buy houses for people. it is pretty sad. bacall
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